Thursday, December 13, 2007

Responses/Guest Book

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Dan Myers said...

As you no doubt realize by now, I'm a HUGE fan of the Free Hugs Campaign. See my other blog entry on the Free Hugs outing!

yli said...

i've been reading this blog since it started and it's been so inspirational that i keeping wanting to join and do something myself. i've just pledged to join the wednesday lunch fast (on a monthly scale though), and i wanted to let you know how being peace, thinking peace, and talking peace can be more contagious and far-reaching than one would have thought or intended...

S.S.Stone said...

This comment is in response to Caity from "Week 3: Violent Culture and Socialization" post.

Your post touched me deeply. I think you were listening to your heart when you decided to write that letter to your mother. I believe your words will touch her heart ...there's a quiet understanding with the unspoken word..a silent understanding between mother and daughter.
I lost my mother when I was 16 and sometimes at night I journal and write her a letter...she'll never receive my letters, but your mother will receive yours..this is why your post touched me so deeply.

S.S.Stone said...

wow, week 6 into the Peace Blog and it's going great..I enjoy reading everyones posts..thank you for sharing such great thoughts!

Caity said...

If anyone's interest was piqued by our discussion last week of systematic sexual violence against women, check out this disturbing article published by the New York Times a few days ago. It's called, "Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War," and here's the link: Read it, seriously. And then get mad and figure out a way to stop the violence!!!

S.S.STONE said...

I'm following these great posts from everyone. A phrase that really got my attention was from "sailor" with the line
"I got mildly addicted to raoks."
What a great addiction!!!

"raok's" = random acts of kindness

S.S.STONE said...

Great posting! This "Peace Blog" is wonderful and when I come in to read ...each time I'm inspired!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You need to check out this speech and book

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

It is only a few more days until the International Day of Peace on Sunday, 21 September!

CNN’s iReport, a news-oriented kind of youtube, just launched a special page for the International Day of Peace –! Just get registered and put your calls for world leaders and personal peace stories in videos, photos and texts online to everyone to see. We would love to know about what YOU think and do for peace! And if you are lucky, your story will be broadcasted by CNN.

Our TXT 4 PEACE campaign is getting bigger and bigger. We have received several hundred messages so far. Have a look at! Thanks so much for that!

Please keep sending your text messages to world leaders with the word ‘PEACE’ and then your message to 69866 (in the US only) or send an online message from! We are trying to receive 10.000 text messages and several thousand online messages by Sunday, 21 September! So please help us to spread the word.

Thank you so much for your support. All this would not happen without you!

Best wishes from UN Headquarters in New York,

The UN International Day of Peace Team

By sending a message you give permission to the United Nations to publish it in any media. See for the terms and conditions of the participation in the campaign.

Chailyn said...

This is great info to know.

Lisa said...

Visit us at to purchase large 3x5 foot peace flags for only $4.50 each. Several designs in stock and ready to ship!!

Martine said...

Hello fellow peace studies friends!
We in PAX at Naropa University wanted to say how great it is to be in the field of study with you. We are just getting started but come check out our blog sometime.
Grow in peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi together,

my name is Raoul. Is this blog still living and a place for discussion?