Monday, August 27, 2007

Define Peace

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Dan Myers said...

Nickname: Mary Rose
Peace is commonly misunderstood to be the absence of violence. Peace however, is more than just a break from fighting. A true peace is embodied in respect for all, a cooperation among peoples, and a harmony is society. Peace is a process, which involves every individual.

Nickname: Steven Colbert
The state of a relationship (on any scale: nation to nation, husband to wife, etc) when both or all parties can coexist without violence.

Nickname: Barack Obama
A cooperative agreement amongst the parties or states in question allowing each to live without friction with another. Also can apply to individual citizens of a state and their relation to the governing power. Not in a state of war.

Nickname: Adrienne
Peace is the ability for people to coexist without conflict. This occurs when people, groups, or countries can put aside their differences and work together. Peace is when people act for the greater interest of a group, not just for themselves.

Nickname: Bridgette11
Peace is the state in which the peoples within and among communities live in harmony, accord, cooperation. Peace necessitates compromise and give-and-take in order to be sustained. Peace means making friends with everyone, even and especially your enemies.

Nickname: Lacey
Peace is what occurs when two or more parties come together in successful, nonviolent negotiation. Peace is hard to achieve because it is the ideal condition under which two or more parties can interact. Peace can pertain to a variety of different fields of study, from ethics / philo to political science.

Nickname: coldpenguin
Peace is when you live in synergy with those around you, complimenting each other's resources and gifts in cooperation with each other, to produce harmony. Agape love is a strong factor in living in peace.

Nickname: Eagle
Peace is the state where all parties involved can coexist without major conflict. It doesn’t mean that every party likes the other, but rather that all parties are respectful and tolerant. Peace implies harmony, in which everyone can live life with confidence that their livelihood is safe.

Nickname: KWH
Peace is the absence of conflict with the presence of justice. I think there is a John Paul II quote that goes something like that and I’ve always really believed that. Without justice, there can be no real peace. Obviously the next question would be what is justice? That would seem to be a question for another time.

Nickname: Art VanDelay
The absence of violence between two or more separate individuals or groups. This usually includes the ability to work together towards a common goal, at the ability to settle conflicts through negotiations or mediations without the use of force.

Nickname: Sailor
Peace is the ability of various groups to co-exist with an absence of violence. Peace also incorporates a general feeling of mutual respect for differences across cultures and racial boundaries in humanity. Peace can also be seen as the opportunity for meaningful discussion and cooperation between people of the same and of different groups.

Nickname: “Bam Bam”
Peace: the opposite of violence; a state in which peoples coexist, cooperate, good can be achieved, and the innate human dignity of all is preserved

Nickname: pink domer
What is peace? Peace is…harmony between people’s states, organizations, factions, etc. that is reached when conflicts our religion, resources, territory, and power are resolved in a way that benefits the majority of the people, and does not harm the minority of people.

Nickname: Magnum
Peace is the absence of violence and aggression. Peace is compromise and learning to understand and relate to other people. It is freeing and allows people not to be on edge so that they are not scared to live their daily lives.

Nickname: Grace Hepburn
Peace is a stable state in which the vast majority cooperates to create a situation with maximized benefits (community, shared resources, etc.) and minimized downfalls (violence, poverty, etc.) The greatest possible situation for the greatest number of people in a given universe.

Name: Sinh Nguyen
Peace, at its core, means the absence of fighting. However, along the history of the notion, it also includes the promotion of human rights, democracy, and equality.

Nickname: Smithy
A place of harmony and justice
An atmosphere of…
A state of…
Lacking violence and mistrust
Without “waves”

Nickname: pinkgirl
Peace is maintaining a safe and secure environment. All people live a lifestyle without being striped of their basic necesitie4s (home, food, rights).

Nickname: Da80
Peace: A state of mutual understanding and consent about a majority of aspects between two sides.

Nickname: Pelican Bay
Peace ensures respect at the very least. It allows people to live non-violent lives that center around not acquiring things at the expense of people but instead promoting happiness for the sake of people.

Nickname: Jade
Peace is…
-a state of existence (being) in and amongst societies/nations/groups, etc. where violence is by no means a method of solving differences
-an all encompassing understanding between “us and the other” where the “us v. them” is not in existence instead all parties are striving for understanding, appreciation—maybe compromise…

Nickname: Giraffe
Peace is the state of society in which people, the environment, and institutions have access to what they need to be free from oppression and to have access to education.

Nickname: pink
I don’t remember on the spot exactly how it goes but MLK, Jr. said something once about how peace isn’t the absence of violence but rather the presence of justice. I believe strongly in that definition, and it really presents peace as something to work for, not something that just comes on its own.

Nickname: Leevon Heims
Peace mainly comes up today in discussions of politics. It is a word heartfelt to the hippie revolution. It is not hatred towards war, for hatred would be a contradiction of the whole meaning of peace. It is a compassion for getting along, and an affinity for unity.

Nickname: Hurricane1
Peace is a situation in which no conflict or heightened potential for conflict exists. Tension between people or groups is at a minimal level.

Nickname: Anastasia Beaverhausen
To me, peace is calmness and serenity, which can be applied over many settings, events and things. When in reference to peace in the world, I think it implies a stability between and within countries that creates calmness politically, socially and economically. Individual peace is being content and happy with one’s place in the world so as to feel calm.

Nickname: Ky
Peace—Relative stability and harmony of an area which includes people and their environment. A time when basic needs are met and violence is less likely. A relative term because peace means different things and requires different circumstances for individuals and groups, etc.

Nickname: IrishAD
Peace: security, comfort, safe, cooperation between people, lack of violence, compromise
Peace is creating an environment where people are respected, secure, have the ability to freely share ideas and are willing to cooperate with each other and compromise when needed. Avoid violence at all costs.

Nickname: Salad
Peace is a state of stability and harmony when conditions are in balance; it creates an ideal environment.

Nickname: bounce back
First and foremost, the absence of international violenct conflict. Meaning no one is killing each other. However, this also includes non-negotiable political, economic, or religious conflict because I find if you clash on these subjects unless you have absolutely unfailing ways to work them out, you could wind up in violent conflict.

Nickname: WoweeZowee
Peace is a state in which one of is free from conflict, violence or disorder. Peace is a state in which justice has prevailed over injustice.

Nickname: GoIrish
-the absence of violence
-when the government of a state is able to reasonably control all itsterritory and is not at war with any foreign state
-a state of safety for the community

Nickname: island gal
A situation of non conflict, in any circumstance, whether it be between two people or an entire country. A situation of neutral noncombatant behavior.

Nickname: Gandhi
Peace-a social condition of nonviolent and nonaggressive cohabitation existing between to or more people or parties; a state of existence reached upon compromise and mutal respect which eradicates the tensions and./or conflicts between said parties.

Nickname: Catherine
Peace is an environment without violent conflict. Justice is necessary for peace. People should be able to feel safe and also feel like they belong to a community.

Nickname: Lolli
To me, peace means comfort. When there is peace, there is a sense of calmness and tranquility. People can feel at ease during times of peace and therefore feel comfortable during their everyday lives. Peace signifies resolution, togetherness, and working together so there is no sense of fear or discomfort.

Nickname: Maximillion
Peace is living harmony, the marriage between two different societies/cultures with little dispute. I think it is the ability to be flexible and to compromise so that hardships in life are reduced.

Nickname; Louise
Peace is justice. Peace is mutual respect. Peace is compromise. Peace is resistance to violence. Peace is harmony. Pease is active, not passive.

Nickname: Teens
I believe that peace is a time when all beings are in harmony with one another. It is a condition of life in which people and nature can live well with one another and work together for a better future.

Nickname: Kenika
I think peace is when we no longer have any definition for the word. Peace to me is love, but that’s ridiculously ambiguous.

Nickname: Theresa Jones
A state of non-violence, but, also a state in which resources are distributed fairly and racial, societal, and economic differences are respected. The combination of these two leads to an absence of underlying resentment and anger. An absence of hostile relations of any kind.